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Rural Roots

Brighton History Week 2018 is coming soon! The theme this year is "Rural Roots" which means we will focus on the history of farming in the Brighton area, from clearing the land to the modern computerized farm.

The Brighton History Week events will be as follows: The Show, called Rural Roots, will be presented twice, first on Saturday evening, February 24, 2018, from 7 to 9 pm, then again on Sunday afternoon, February 25 at 2 pm. The Rural Roots Open House will be March 3rd, 2018 (A WEEK LATER!!! - which is different!) from 10 am to 4 pm. All events at the Brighton Community Centrfe.

Everyone welcome.

38 Hours To Montreal: William Weller and The Governor General's Race of 1840

This is the title of my next book (Yes, it has been changed!) which is in the proofs stage right now. Release date is not set yet but should be in the spring sometime. It is a fascinating glimpse of Upper Canada history in 1840, a time we hear very little about. In February of 1840, William Weller, the Stage Coach King, signed a contract with the Governor General to drive him from Toronto to Montreal in under 38 hours - or else no fee. Why in such a hurry? How could they accomplish such a feat with the roads as bad as they were in those days? We take a seat on the bench of the sleigh as William Weller passes every town and village on the Kingston Road and the King's Highway all the way to Montreal, stopping every 15 miles to change horses. Always in a hurry!. Keep an eye out for events related to the release of the book. We are going to have much fun with this.

Brighton Digital Archives

The folks working on the Brighton Digital Archives have been very busy. You will see on the web site that the Latimer Photos are available as well as the Memory Junction videos. Also, some of the barn photos are there. These are the result of a recent project to record the images of fast-disappearing barns in the community. A 2018 celandar for Barns of Brighton has been produced with some of these beautiful pictures. Check out the web site at...

Guest Speaker

Retirement leaves me more time to do things I love and telling history stories is at the top of the list. I will be the guest speaker at your group's meeting or event. Check out the "Guest Speaker" tab on the left for a full list of the stories I can tell. Give me a call at 613-439-8992 or email to to book a time.

New Stories for 2018! Ask for these any time.

38 Hours To Montreal: The story of my new book will be top-of-mind for the next year and there is now a presentation I can give to tell this story. I will be presenting this all around the province, so contact me and schedule a time for your group.

Rural Roots: The history of farming is the topic for Brighton History Week 2018 and, after the events in late February (see above) I will be able to tell this story in a smaller venue any time.

Books re Brighton History

Murder in the Family: The Dr. King Story, by Dan Buchanan, published July 25, 2015 by Dundurn Press, is available in book stores ($24.99), e-book sites and libraries. See

Florence Chatten's book "Brighton Township" is available from Florence at 613-475-1244. Yes, she still has a few left. Get yours soon! It can also be ordered online through the publisher's web site (Look under the "Other" Category.)

Susan Brose has produced three small booklets focussed on the churches, schools and cemeteries of the Brighton area. They are available from Susan Brose.

Susan Brose's book "The History of Brighton Businesses 1816 to 2009" provides lots of interesting info re businesses over the years in Brighton Village and surrounding area. It contains 424 pages with 140 business ads and 576 pictures. It is available in Brighton at End of the Thread and Family Realty on Main St., Hair Sensations on Elizabeth St. or call Susan Brose at 613-475-1028.

"That's Just The Way We Were; Brighton Memories", published by The Municipality of Brighton in 2006 is available at the Brighton Municipal Office.

Bonnie Browne's books about life in Brighton are available from the author. Call Bonnie at 613-475-0915

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